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Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 1
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Decks And Patio Construction In Springtown

The majority of new homeowners will choose to purchase a home with a deck or patio over one without. Decks and patios add a lot in terms of value and enjoyment. They're one of the best additions to a home in terms of return on investment—and who doesn't want to have their own private patio for relaxation and entertainment?

Of course, like anything, decks and patios, no matter how well built in the beginning can have problems crop up. Removal or building new is not the answer. Call Craig Construction, LLC. today for advice on the best way to repair or restore your deck or patio in !

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When comparing the benefits and drawbacks of repairing your deck or patio, or replacing it, the two most important factors to most of our clients are time and price.

While every project is unique, from small backyard patio designs to large custom decks, we can give you a rough idea about how hiring Craig Construction, LLC. for a deck or patio restoration is your best, most affordable option.


There's a wide variety of materials that can be used in creating a patio, each with a slightly different price point. Plain concrete can be as low as $6 per square foot, working up to the most expensive brick or concrete pavers at $20 or some fancier stones at nearly $30.

Craig Construction, LLC. can install any patio in a day, but it's important to point out that if you are removing an old one first, it will double that time or more to allow for proper cleanup.

The national average for a new patio build is $2000.

Wouldn't you rather pay for small repairs rather than completely rebuild?


A new deck can put you out $7 per square foot at the low end with pressure treated lumber, or up to $35 per square foot for hardwoods or composites.

Decks are trickier than patios, and if you have parts of your decking falling into disrepair it's easy for us to purchase more material for replacements. In the deck construction process, you can even improve on your current design.

Like with a patio, the time of building a new deck is doubled by having to tear down as well. So picture up to two weeks for this process.

Our skilled team can perform repairs in a matter of days!


When it comes to repairing your deck or patio, rely on Craig Construction, LLC. to do the job right. Our clients are important to us, and so we do a quality job every time in a timeline suited to you, for the best price you'll find.

Do-it-yourself repair, especially in the case of decking is a risk, due to the fact you could miss important details that need fixing and will cause you trouble down the road if left untouched.

Don't let our team's attention to detail and years of experience go to waste—call today to book your free consultation!