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Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 1
Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 2
Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Bathroom
Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 1
Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 2
Craig Construction, LLC. Remodeled Bathroom
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Service Areas

Bathroom Remodeling

When you need to redo your bathroom, there's only one company to call: Craig Construction, LLC.. We'll provide you with seamless work from start to finish so that you can have a truly stunning bathroom. What's more, we'll gladly do it all for a more than reasonable rate. When you work with us, you can rest assured your bathroom is in good hands.

Commercial Remodeling

When it comes to commercial renovation, there's no place in town that does it better than Craig Construction, LLC.. We're highly skilled and trained contractors with the expertise and know-how it takes to transform any commercial space.

Decks And Patio

Whether you had a deck or patio built, or inherited one when you purchased your home, you understand the maintenance required of owning one, especially a deck. While both decks and patios can have long lives it's important to perform proper maintenance, and in case of cracking or decay, to tend to it as quickly as you're able.

Exterior Remodeling

Remodeling the interior of your home can be exciting, but paying attention to the exterior is important as well. Not only does the exterior of your property count when it comes to curb appeal, but what's the point in having a beautifully updated interior while its surroundings are falling into disrepair?

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are one of the most prevalent disasters, whether they're caused by appliance failure, intentional arson, or a natural disaster such as a wildfire or lightning strike. Even after a fire is put out, there will be residual charring and smoke damage, and even water damage from hoses.

Home Additions

Is your home no longer living up to your expectations? Before you call your realtor, call Craig Construction, LLC.. We offer top-quality home additions right here in Aledo, and we look forward to helping you love your home again.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you could pick the most important space in your home– it'd probably be the kitchen, right? And for such an essential room, you need to know you're getting all you need out of a renovation.

Natural Disaster Restoration

Fire. Flooding. Hurricanes. Lightning. Hail. Natural catastrophe is a harrowing and unexpected experience for anyone to endure. At Craig Construction, LLC. we take emergency restoration as seriously as the incident itself.

Residential Construction

Craig Construction, LLC. is the premier residential construction firm in the area. We partner with our clients to design and build custom homes that stand apart for their architectural beauty, energy efficiency, and function.

Residential Remodeling

If you're thinking of renovating your home, look no further than Craig Construction, LLC..

What makes us the most sought-after home improvement team in town? It's our values, our commitment to hard work, and of course, our precise skills and expertise. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the residential renovations they need and the friendly customer service they deserve.

Water Damage Restoration

In 2016 there were 19 separate large-scale floods across the United States, the most since 1980. This is not to mention the millions of homes that fall victim to smaller scale basement flooding due to the fact that one in 10 homes are built in areas vulnerable to floods.